Empowering Communities Through Data

The Waterloo Region Data for Good Chapter

Data For Good is a collective of do gooder data scientists, who want to use their powers for good, and not evil, to help make our communities better through data.

We help other not for profit, and non-governmental, organizations harness the power of their data to make more informed and better decisions in their quest to make their communities flourish.

With a plethora of data scientists, data analysts and developers in one of Canada’s best cities, and an abundance of tech enthusiasts, our collective of experienced volunteers come with not only a lot of grit, but expertise across industries. From tech to consulting to banking and even academia, our volunteers have a passion to go beyond their 9 to 5 and use their skills for good.

We also partner with some of the largest companies in Canada who sponsor their space, food and time to help our cause. Just this year we’ve partnered with Communitech, Economical Insurance, and Terminal.

If you have the passion as a sponsor, NFP or volunteer we would love to hear more from you.  Volunteers – please join our Meetup group to stay in-the-know about future events: https://www.meetup.com/Data-for-Good-WR/.

The team in Waterloo Region is led by Nadia Novikova, Jawahar Rajan, Jeffrey Baer, and Bayram Kapti who are committed to making an impact through data in the Waterloo Region.

Nadia Novikova
Nadia NovikovaCommunity & Partnerships Lead
Jawahar Rajan
Jawahar RajanOperations Lead
Bayram Kapti
Bayram Kapti(Interim) Communications Lead

Some of the partners with whom Data for Good has worked:

Want to learn more, click here to see our case studies.

Case Studies

Are you a Not For Profit or an Non
Governmental Organization with a need for
help with a data project?

We are always on the lookout for a new challenge.

Contact Nadia to see if we can help: nadia.novikova@dataforgood.ca

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Upcoming Data for Good Events in the Waterloo Region

Get Involved

Want to be part of the fun?   You don’t need to be a data scientist or a PhD, there’s lots of ways that you can get involved with Data for Good.

In Waterloo, we love to host big events but we also find it hard to fit all the enthusiasm in one room. If you have space to share with 50-100 passionate do gooders, we would be ecstatic to partner with you as our sponsor.

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